MI 8 SE MK100.0

Sorry i don’t speak Chinese. but I like you work.
I’m trying to install the ROM MK100.0 on my Xiaomi Mi 8 SE. after the installation via TWRP in the begin of the settings for the 1st use, I’m blocked on the screen “connection to a network” it’s seems that the Wi-Fi is not working, I can’t find any network and the MAC address is unavailable, I tried with my Sim Card using the 4G, but it take a lot of time without found the network
here is pictures for the issues

I tried 3 ROMs,

  • MK100.0-sirius-202006191546-NIGHTLY.zip
  • MK100.0-sirius-202006221600-NIGHTLY.zip
  • MK100.0-sirius-202006231513-NIGHTLY.zip

and no one works.
hope you can resolve the issue.

Thank you in advance


if it can help someone, i found the solution to fix Wi-Fi issue
I installed the latest firmware for SIRIUS

Kind regards

That’s right. Usually, if there is a signal or sensor problem that you can try to install a firmware first.