Xiaome Redmi3 (ido) - troubleshooting after longer time use

Xiaome Redmi3 (ido) - troubleshooting after longer time use
4.0 1

Bug description:

  1. Mobile data stop working
    After update new setting for mobile data amust be saved. Every time i change only password for acces point name and do save.
    After that mobile data works.

  2. Lawnchair crash
    Every day aroud 9p.m. lawnchair failed.

  3. Updater issue
    If i want do update i must copy update file to USB memory and than i can du update.
    It looks like updater can not read from interal memory during update.

Affected version:

Steps to replicate:
1)Update or restart; go setting=> find access point names=>set internet.t-mobile.cz=> change password “I am using gprs or wap”=>tap up right corner three points=> save

3)download update=>do copy from /sdcard/mokee_updates/*** to usbstorage/mokee_updates/*** and start updater process from MoKee Centre