Mi4c Libra - Notification light cannot be set by user

Mi4c Libra - Notification light cannot be set by user
5.0 1

Bug description: I tried to set different notification light for some applications and it doesn’t work. The light is blue and goes through different colors. It doesn’t matter which color I’ve chosen for example for sms message or WhatsApp notification. Also when I pick a color from a pattern the notification led doesn’t show the color I’m currently choosing, so I cannot check if I like this color pick or set a different one.

Affected version: mk_libra-userdebug 9 PQ3A.190801.002eng.builddb.20200726.154027 dev-keys

Steps to replicate: Go to Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Notifications -> Notification Light tap “plus” icon at the top right and choose application like SMS or Whatsapp then scroll at the bottom of the screen and set notification led color.

Then receive notification and check if the color of the notification led on your mobile phone matches the one you’ve chosen.

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