Mokee 5.1.1 for Micromax E313 - needed /usr folder - I can pay for it

I need folder prebuilts/ndk/9/platforms/android-19/arch-arm/usr (lib+include)
I need it for NDK compilation of
It probably might be different android-22, also different ndk
I downloaded source for CM12.1 but I think problem is that files crtbegin_so.o crtend_so.o do not fit to what is in phone. The source CM12.1 is different. But ROM CM12.1 is the same as Mokee 51.1 for Micromax E313.
I have a problem that after compiling it is accepted by the system but when trying to start thread is says “invalid parameter” for create_thread_cb. Or it can be a different problem?
I need that abovementione folder where correct compatible files are for E313 existing ROM. I can pay some money for it. If anybody willing to help just send me message and I can send you my simple source that is not working.