MK71.2 20171116 for MI NOTE LTE - Lawnchair stopped, widgets removes after reboot :/

Bug description:

After resizing some widgets, Lawnchair freeze and send message: “Lawnchair app is stopped, please restart app”.
After restarting Lawnchair, resizing widget is gone.
I add widget by hand. It is visible ok.

After reboot the phone - ALL WIDGETS is gone. Desktop is empty :confused:

Affected version: and older

Steps to replicate:

  1. Please add required widgets.

  2. Please add a Clock widget.

  3. Please resize a Clock widget to minimum.
    Launcher send a error “App is stopped”.

  4. Please add a Clock widget again.
    All widgets ok, is visible.

  5. Please reboot the phone.
    After reboot ALL widgets is gone :confused:
    Desktop is empty.

Please fix this bugs.