**Xiaomi Mi A1 Reboot problem at phone startup.** 🙁

Hi, my favorite version of android oreo 8.1 is great to use with Mokee rom! Sorry for my bad English, I’m Turkish and I’ll try to explain the mistake whenever I can.

Bug: When I restart my phone, the Mokee logo comes up. When I turn on the screen lock, the phone automatically soft reboot and the Mokee logo comes up and turns on again. Sometimes I am having performance issues.

My Phone: Xiaomi Mi A1
Stock Version: tissot_images_V9.6.8.0.ODHMIFE (November android oreo 8.1) Link
Mokee Version: MK81.0-tissot-200215-HISTORY (2020-02-19 00:27:43) Link
Phone status: Rooted (Magisk) and formatted 3 times. The same problem continues.

Youtube video link for my issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xgGxsUvq5s

Additional information: When Magisk manager installs the “busybox for Android NDK” module, wifi and internet do not work. (deleted)
Magisk manager modules I use: Riru core, Riru EdXposed, Youtube vanced.

About the EdXposed module: I’m just using GravityBox [O]. This module may be the reason for soft reboot at startup, but I want to use it because I can make the battery icon round and change the colors of the status bar.
I’m using it on Luckypatcher.

I believe you will make Oreo lovers happy with a new update and a more stable system update.

Thanx you so much Mokee Team. I Love Using Mokee Rom!

Must have user access for Magisk manager.

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