MK100.0-pioneer does the system allow to disable one of the sim cards

1 Does the system allow to disable one of the sim cards?
2 Do both sim card slots enable mobile data transmission?
Unfortunately, LineageOS 17.1 lacks these features and therefore I am looking for an alternative.

can anyone help?

You cannot disable any of your SIM card but you can change the “Preferred network type” to the one which doesn’t support by your SIM card which can remove network of your SIM.

thank you, I took this idea into account, but unfortunately my network is available in every respect.
Better is to force manual network selection and assign some forbidden one, but that takes a lot of clicking and time …

Strange because the slider to turn on / off individual sim cards is visible … it’s a pity that it does not work. Many people turn cards on and off frequently, which would make life easier.

Anybody knows ?
I tested since few months on LoS 17.1 and still not working. Mobile data transmission and MMS are possible ONLY by one sim card. It’s very strange.
I need to know before I come back to Mokke rom.

Thanks in advance !

Dear Coleagues any news ?

I just checked last actually rom:
still the same problems.
Only sim card carier no 1 support mobile data and mms.
LoS pioneer for dual sim models is defective