Update from MK90.0 Release to MK100.0 Nightly?

Hey, I’m using latest MK90.0 RELEASE on Redmi 3 Pro (ido), but I would like to update it to MK100.0 NIGHTLY.

As I have set up everything on my ROM in terms of app settings, system settings, I also have a second work profile and I use encryption, so is there a possibility to update to MK100.0 without wiping all data and without a root access, as most of the apps that I use does not allow root privilages? I really want to make this update process as painful as possible.

For example due to the encryption when updatng to newer MK90.0 release I’m currently just using adb sideload to flash the new release full zip without any data wipe and this works fine. Is it going to work if I flash the MK100.0 without data wipe? If not possible, what is usually done once we have the 1st release of MK100.0, is there a way to upgrade from MK90.0 RELEASE to MK100.0 RELEASE without data wipe? Does anyone know when MK100.0 RELEASE is expected?

OK well, I ment to make the update as less painful as possible. :slight_smile: