Nubia z17lite mokeey 10.0

Nubia z17lite mokeey 10.0
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Facebook Videos don’t work mokkey 10.0

Hey @poli_napoli, what is up! How did you get to install mokee 10 on your Z17 lite ?
And also, does it have any bugs? which version have you been using?

Hello @Joao_Dourado !
I run the LinageOS ROM for more than two years, but I now have a real problem of system battery drain. So, I want to switch from Lineage to Mokee 9 or 10 on my Z17 lite ?
Did you manage to install the ROM ? Did you find any annoying bug ?

Have a good day :smiley:

For giving news, Mokee 10 work really good on my nx591j.
I’m really really really happy that people work on giving old phone a second life thanks a lot :heart:

здравствуйте! моки 9 прошивается на мой гаджет.А моки 10 нет : происходит bootloop… может я мало ожидаю?