Camera and music player bug Redmi 7A Mokee 100.0

Problem when recording with the camera, videos are saved much longer than the actual length and cannot be played back. The music player most of the time does not sound or slows down the mobile, when this happens the mobile loses the audio completely, having to restart it to solve it.

Version MK100.0-pine-202011151042-NIGHTLY
I have the nano Gapps and my mobile is not rooted because Magisk does not install.

For the camera problem you have to open the app and try to record a video, then go to the gallery and play the video; the duration is much longer, being only a static image without audio

For the problem of the music player you have to open the app and play any song, mostly it is not heard, and if it does, when changing the song it is no longer heard, if you have plugged headphones the player stops, the mobile lose all sound and sometimes the mobile slows down or it is reset automatically.