Redmi Note 4 MMS with mobile data off, Mokee MK90.0

Hi, my device Xiaom Redmi Note 4 (qualcom), rom MK90.0-mido-201209-RELEASE. Is there an option for mms messages to be received with mobile data off? In the MIUI rom there was this option: Always receive MMS when mobile data is turned off.

I don’t remember for sure but google’s sms / mms app might have the option

Thank You for Your answer. I’m currently using the google message app. I have turned on in advanced options function: “automatically download mms” but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

In Messages ->Settings->Advanced - Autoretrieve MMS messages.
The setting can be activated with mobile data OFF.

Hi, I have “Autoretrieve MMS messages” turned on. But the messages comes only with mobile data ON.

Then you should check your mobile plan - if MMS are included with mobile data OFF.

When I had a Xiaomi ROM (MIUI) MMS came with mobile data turned off.