Xiaomi MI 2A. Error 7 on firmware flashing

I have Xiaomi MI 2A with stock ROM.

I do everything as it is written here: Download and Install Mokee OS on Xiaomi Mi 2A based on Android 10 Q (getdroidtips.com)

  1. Boot unlock
  2. TWRP installed
  3. When I installing firmware, it returns Error 7.


TWRP’s screenshot

update your TWRP version


TWRP-20190812- | by GuaiYiHu for Mi2

Are you sure?
MI 2A - is “taurus”
“jasmine” - is MI A2
You can give a link to TWRP 3.5.1 for Taurus

I read the wrong device model

try this TWRP-20190812- | by GuaiYiHu for Mi2

I tried this TWRP. The screenshot with error 7 I attached above.
Xiaomi 2A - All - MoKee Downloads (mokeedev.com)
on the page for this TWRP, the link is given

Doesn’t flash with this TWRP, need a different version or …?

Maybe someone has saved the previous versions of OS MK60 … MK80

@GuaiYiHu 這位用魔趣米 2A的 TWRP 刷 MK100 出現 E1001: Failed to update system image. 是哪裡出錯了嗎

We are waiting for a response from @GuaiYiHu. Am I right?"