Torrent download

Every time that you download any version of Mokee it is always said that server have to save bandwidth, so why don’t we create torrents to download them easier, faster and without overcharging the server

For example, linux distributions (like Ubuntu or Deepin) and open source programs like GIMP use them exactly to reduce bandwidth

Obviously, we should encourage people that use these torrents to only use magnet links from the official site and check the checksum / hashes

Finally, I know that in some countries torrenting is prohibited (even if it is legal content like this), but in most of countries it isn’t prohibited and even less with free things like Mokee, so I think it’d be a good idea

It will overcharging the server more faster.

They don’t distribute nightly.

It will overcharging the server more faster.

Why? The more seeders there are, the less bandwidth is used, the download will be supported by users and only the first download of some rom will be fully given by the server, after that (and if users seed) the server will only stream part of the rom

They don’t distribute nightly.

No, they don’t, and then Mokee can torrent only release and history versions. Nightly versions would be still fully given by the server

The only problem that I see with all this is that there are a lot of files and most of them aren’t downloaded frecuentely

Why users will seed on their phones, via metered data connections?

I don’t mean use their phones but computers over Wi-Fi, like most of torrents