Few Bugs on Redmi 5 (rosy) Latest Rom


Bug description: 1) Error Message after boot “There’s an internal problem with your device. Contact your manufacturer for details.”
2) LiveDisplay’s Picture Adjustment Not Working.
3) Lockscreen Too Bright, White Text Not Visible, Should Be 20% Dark.
4) FM Radio not working.
5) Round Display Corner Not Working.
6) LED Notification Light Not Blinking When Battery Is 15%, Follwing No 5% Battery Sound Alert.
7) Battery Drains Faster.
Affected version: MK90.0-rosy-210227-RELEASE.zip
Steps to replicate:

  1. Initital Setup / Reboot / Power On
  2. Settings>Display>LiveDisplay>Picture adjustment.
  3. Wallper Darkness Check at Lockscreen
  4. Plug-in Headphone To See
  5. Visual Corner Inspection
  6. Battery Charge Should be 15% to 14% Follwing 5% for Alert Check.
  7. Normal Useage, Standby Mode.