Please limit the fullscreen ads. In Mokee Centre App :(


Dear Devs.

If I check the new system udpates in Mokee Center, I always see full screen ads.

The first time I met, there was an application installed inside the system is displaying such persistent ads.

It’s very annoying.
Advertise while checking, advertise while downloading.
Mokee is a beautiful and my favourite operation system. Very please, limit ads it somehow.

It’s in all versions of Mokee 71.2 and Mokee Centre app.

Best Regards.

You can donate $ 11.33 to remove ads and unlock OTA updates

I don’t need to remove completly ads. It’s no very big problem.

Please only limit frequency generating this ads, or modify ads to banner (bottom or top of the app).

Where I donate options ? Is possible via Google play ?

Unlike companies like Cygn or MIUI, MoKee OpenSource is a purely non-profit project born of hobby and passion. In order to maintain this project, we have to fork out our own money most of the time or rely on donations and advertisements.
If you want remove google ads at MKCenter, you need donate money for us.
You can via AliPay, wechat or PayPal at MKCenter - Unlock features option.

If my message somehow offended you, I’m sorry.
I thought it would be possible to buy a license through Google play store.

Thanks for answers.