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Bug description: Mokee 90.0 History, doesnt Boot at all. After the Huawei Logo, the Device goes into Black Screen, and Reboots into Bootloader Mode.
Affected version: 210620-HISTORY
Steps to replicate:
(First try) install it with ADB Sideload, got an TWRP Error:
E3000: This package expects the value _a" for ro.boot.slot_suffix this has value “.”

(Second try)
Removed: getprop(“ro.boot.slot_suffix”) == “_a” || abort(“E3000: This package expects the value “_a” for “ro.boot.slot_suffix”; this has value “” + getprop(“ro.boot.slot_suffix”) + “”.”); from updater-script.
afterwards, Flashed with no issue, after Reboot… the Device Stays on the Huawei Logo for 10 Seconds… goes in Blackscreen and Boots into Bootloader Mode.

Model Number is: CLT-L29
Would love to use this Rom as my New Daily Rom on the P20 Pro.

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