Lenovo z5 L78011 ,

Many thanks to the makers and owner of mokee
I suggest
1_The position of the indicators is not fixed like the battery status and network signal and changes by changing the language of the phone to the right of China or the left of China.
2- In displays that have notches, such as lenovo z5, the distance between the indicators and notifications at the top should be reduced to a minimum so that more items are displayed in the top bar.
3_ The LTE symbol is displayed too large. Please minimize this symbol and place it on the signal indicator.
4- Network type symbols such as 3G or 4G as well as Volte or HD should be displayed permanently if available.
5- Displaying internet usage sign is based on bytes and requires a lot of space in the notification bar, change it to kilobytes so that it requires less space.
thank you .