[MIDO] Bluetooth makes 2.4ghz wifi unusable

[MIDO] Bluetooth makes 2.4ghz wifi unusable
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When connected to a 2.4ghz wifi network and when bluetooth is active and transferring data or streaming music, the wifi throughput is reduced to less than 5mbps. Disabling bluetooth increases speeds to 60mbps

Affected version:
At least MK100.0-mido-210921-RELEASE.zip
older might also be affected (first time using this rom)
Steps to replicate:
-Install MK100.0 on mido
-Connect to a 2.4ghz wifi access point
-Stream music via bluetooth
-Perform a speedtest
-Disable bluetooth
-Perform another speedtest and compare

Because bluetooth is widely used by smart devices such as mi band, it is crucial that bluetooth coexistence mode is enabled.
Note: with lineageos 17.1 by zeelog this issue is NOT present

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