How to download ROM from your site ??????

My question may be strange, but I can not download from "".
When I select my mobile model and click on the download link, your ad blocker software is enabled and you must disable it, but I do not have this software at all.
I tried, but failed, on several browsers and devices
Help me please
My mobile model is Redmi 4 prime (markw )

AdAway? Have you used it to change the hosts?

Thunder 9 brings your browser, you deserve

try to disable it in your browser setting

No, I have this problem on pc and I use the Chrome browser
I had already installed adaway, but I do not have it now

chrome itself has ad blocker enabled by default as well. can u manually disable it in chrome setting?

I first disabled it and then deleted it

i have totally no problem to download redmi 4’s package with my chrombook.

Is the rom for your phone MIUI?

What Browser did you use when you want to download Mokee ROM? I think you can change another brother.

Using the mirror site

you can use the chrome to download