I Need Help To UnBricked Oppo N3

I Need Help To UnBricked Oppo N3
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Hi everyone, please am in need of assistance to unbrick my Oppo N3 smart phone.

Before trying out Mockee Rom for N3, i was able to

  1. Root
  2. Unlock Bootloader
  3. Backup Stock Rom (in case i need to revert back)
    I successfully installed Mockee and everything was smooth with any issues.

After couple of weeks Mockee suddenly stops working on my N3 (Bricked) :frowning:
So i try to re-flash Mockee ROM zip file via TWRP to restore my phone but i couldn’t access custom recovery anymore.
So i thought i should re-flash TWRP in order to re-flash Mockee ROM zip but when i re-flash TWRP img, i still can’t boot to recovery nor desktop.

Again i thought of going back to stock rom before starting everything all over again with my backup img files.
I went to fastboot mode and started to flash img file to their various partitions . Every single backup file was successfully flashed with the exception of “system” img file, which is giving me the error below;

Input: fastboot flash system system.img
Output: Invalid sparse file format at header magic
Sending sparse 'system' 1/4 (512417 KB)            OKAY [ 16.267s]
Writing 'system'                                   FAILED (remote: 'Unknown chunk type')
fastboot: error: Command failed

But strangely if i flash stock recovery img backup, am able to access recovery just that system img wont flash.

Please if there is another way of unbricking this device, kindly let me know. Thanks

New findings:
When i tried to erase system partition

fastboot erase system
******** Did you mean to fastboot format this ext4 partition?
Erasing 'system'                                   OKAY [  0.036s]
Finished. Total time: 0.039s


fastboot format system
mke2fs 1.46.2 (28-Feb-2021)
Creating filesystem with 497664 4k blocks and 124416 inodes
Filesystem UUID: 0f3494ba-39ca-4820-be6b-5cc37ff608f1
Superblock backups stored on blocks: 
	32768, 98304, 163840, 229376, 294912

Allocating group tables: done                            
Writing inode tables: done                            
Creating journal (8192 blocks): done
Writing superblocks and filesystem accounting information: done 

Sending 'system' (1064 KB)                         OKAY [  0.037s]
Writing 'system'                                   FAILED (remote: 'flash write failure')
fastboot: error: Command failed