Nubia Z17 Lite (NX591J) - Wi-Fi 5GHz doesn't work on MK90.0 / MK100.0

Nubia Z17 Lite (NX591J) - Wi-Fi 5GHz doesn't work on MK90.0 / MK100.0
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Greetings from Poland! I wanted to report an issue with Wi-Fi at 5GHz

> Bug description: Connectivity over Wi-Fi 5GHz “almost” doesn’t work, phone loses connection after few seconds
> Affected version: MK90.0-nx591j-210620-HISTORY and MK100.0-nx591j-220723-RELEASE
> Steps to replicate:

  • connect to 5GHz capable Wi-Fi network (doesn’t matter, if it’s dual 2.4/5GHz or 5GHz only)
  • try to use internet for few seconds (I recommend speedtest app, watch over 100Mb/s transfer for 1 second, then 0Mb/s and test crashes)
  • congratulations, you just lost internet, at least till phone disconnects from Wi-Fi by itself or if you force reconnect manually

What I tried:

  • Both MK90.0 and MK100.0 versions act the same.
  • Issue exists from the beginning after clean flash via TWRP, as Wi-Fi 5GHz fails even at “first launch configuration”.
  • Multiple different networks, even as hotspot from another Android phone.
  • It’s definitely not “my certain” device issue, as was using LineageOS 14.1 port previously, and 5GHz Wi-Fi was working correctly.
  • 2.4GHz doesn’t seem to be affected.

Thanks in advance for help!

By the way, I want also say thank you for awesome work and keeping this device alive!

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