2 Bugs in Mi Max MK100.0 Rom

2 Bugs in Mi Max MK100.0 Rom
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Bug1:Phone shutdowns suddenly:
Bug description: Phone shutdown suddenly every charge ( The screen show “Shutting down” for seconds) at 30% or 24% or 15% or 13% of battery. When I try to turn on phone ,it won`t as if the battery is empty.But when I connect charger and turn on phone, I found battery percentage is like before turning off.

Affected version: MK100.0-hydrogen-221019-RELEASE.zip
Steps to Replicate: It happens suddenly , I don`t know the reason exactly.

Bug2:Bluetooth Headphone doesn`t work in Calls

Bug description: Bluetooth headphone work only for listening to music but When I make or receive a call, I don`t hear anything.
Affected version: MK100.0-hydrogen-221019-RELEASE.zip
Steps to Replicate: Connect Bluetooth headphone and make or receive a call.

Logcat Files: You can find logcat files for the 2 bugs in the following link:
Please fix these bugs.
Thanks in advance.

to Bug 1,
I have no this problem on the Mi MAX( hydrogen), but on my another Mi MAX Pro( helium) has similar problem, even worse, about ~50% will automatically shutdown and not able to restart unless connect to charger. Now I’m trying several Battery Calibration apps hope to correct it.

btw. do you have problem on FM radio?

But I think it is a bug in the rom. I used Miui rom a week ago ,it was very stable with no battery problem.
I saw this thread about the battery problem and he changed kernel to fix the it. But I don`t know which kernel fixes the problem:

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