OnePlus 7pro 一加7pro MK100 无信号.陀螺仪.GPS定位不准

OnePlus 7pro 一加7pro MK100 无信号.陀螺仪.GPS定位不准
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问题描述: SIM无信号无法使用数据流量,陀螺仪无效, GPS定位不精确.问题
当前版本: []
复现步骤: 插入SIM卡没有信号,可以开数据流量,但是没用,上不了网,用指南针一直向北, GPS定位无论是精确还是大概只要一开,用地图软件定位可以给你从亚洲定位到北美洲的那种。

Mobile phone brand model: OnePlus 7pro
Bug description:SIM no signal cannot use data traffic, gyroscope is invalid, GPS positioning is not accurate. issue
Affected version:[]
Steps to replicate:Insert the SIM card has no signal, you can open the data traffic, but useless, you can’t get on the Internet, use the compass all the way north, GPS positioning whether it is accurate or probably just open, with map software positioning can give you the kind of positioning from Asia to North America.

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