I have a question

Hi guys i have a one question.
I have a LG G3 D858HK , i want a installed coustom (android7)rom.
Does this custom ROM have a lot of bugs? It’s worth installing Please help me thanks👍.
Now Android 6 Marshmallow Official.

dont worry, most of the functions are working.

Only few, but it doesn’t affect your use.

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Thanks for Replaying.
Please tell me what program to use for app Root.

How to install rom? I do not like this. Please give me some guidance. Thank you​:heart_eyes::heart:

Root ? I think you can use “Kingroot” to have a try. http://kingroot.net

After Rooting , you should install TWRP Recovery into your phone, then download the Mokee ROM zip, install the ROMafter you wipe data, etc.

Huge tankyou Mb2014Happy.
Now i downloaded Kingroot.
I downloaded TWRP and Gaps for D858HK…
Which version to download? Release,nightly or history?

The system has its own root privileges management


History and Release are running by Android 6.0, Nightly is running by Android 7.1. You can choose by yourself.
The version of G3 is a little many , so I cannot choose the right version for you. Choose by only yourself. http://download.mokeedev.com


by Android 7.1吧

I want to root my phone but I do not know what software I use Kingroot- iroot it but I did not
Pls tell me🙏

Failed or you cannot understand Chinese?

If you failed , you should try to root over and over again, not every phone can root only once. I hope you can root your phone successfully.

For my Chinese language, I use Google Translate☺

Huge thankful for helping❤
I appreciate you💐

And if your phone is running by Android( Native ), you can have a try as 8 floor. It can make you use root.