Return to official rom


I was using mokee 7.1.1 so far and I want to go back to stock ROM:

Boot TWRP (I believe is 3.0), I do wipe of everything except sdext (internal included, I do not care), install zip with official rom and restart … Apparent boots ok but stays on the screen “be yourself” 15 minutes and nothing

I have to do something else?
Thank you

you could try wipe user data and cache again

Just as @kolibre said, i think u need to flash a official rom with official recovery for once again.

need format data first

Wipe user data and cache not working. I try

Official recovery? Can you put some link please? I only found it:

Format data? Format internal sdcard to fat? Or format data option from TWRP?

And whats about flash boot.img, recovery.img first?


1.U can unzip recovery from official ROM file that file’s name is end with “.zip” . I’d tried to find recovery in Chinese edition and it was named to “recovery.img” in the root folder of ROM file.

2.After U got the recovery image, u need to flash it to your phone in bootloader or just boot it with command “fastboot boot xxx.img”. ***.img is the name of your recovery file.

3.Choose the language which U can understood :stuck_out_tongue: , Clear user data(This option maybe clear EVERYTHING on UR phone!!! However my phone is.) - Clear Cache - Reboot to Official recovery and clear data and cache again.

4.Then, choose the ROM file and wait for it finish.

NOTICE: My device is NX549J. When I tried back to official ROM I will need for an SD card to store official ROM on it for the Third-part ROM won’t support OTG on official recovery.


NX531J is discontinued.