Xiaomi Mi4c and Mi Note 2 builds have been failing for a while now,.


Not sure what’s up but the builds for Xiaomi Mi Note 2 (scorpio) and Xiaomi Mi4c (libra) have been failing to build for quite some time now.

I contacted the maintainer for the Mi Note 2 (scorpio) but since I cann only write in English, I am not sure if my email got to him or her.

Could someone from the MoKee ROM team look into why the builds are failing for these two devices?

you have to contact the maintainer,that’s the only way

Well, I did send an email to the Mi Note 2 (scorpio) maintainer but I don’t have a weibo profile so I guess that’s the end of that…

The defender sacrificed

Are you saying that the maintainer of the devices is no longer working on them?

Server problem

Ah, thanks, that helps :slight_smile:

thats not server problem,the maintainer should check it out

Well, something got done because the builds are back again for the Mi Note 2 :slight_smile: I am currently downloading the latest nightly now.