Nubia Z17 (model nx563j) Device tree

Nubia Z17 (model nx563j) Device tree


Hi Mokee devs,
where can I find the device tree and the other sources (kernel and vendor) for the Nubia Z17 (model nx563j) smartphone? I cannot find them anywhere on github or on mokee git. Could you please share them with the open source community? It would be interesting for porting LineageOS.



So this is the maintainer of the Z17 nx563j Mokee ROM?


yes, he may give you some helps !


The problem is that I have no weibo account… Could you please write him a message?

I saw a similar post about the Z17 mini. Since the profile on weibo seems the same of the other post, maybe you can help me too?


please give me your email address . i write a message to him and give your email to him.
he has ported the lineageos 15 to z17.


Yeah, sure. My mail is:
Thank you so much for your help :wink:


Any news?


@kironno i have already made contact with him , he is not interested in this matter, but he has already ported the lineageos 15 to z17, you can get this rom from