Rooting the phone (Z981) from source code?


Hey guys,

In search for the Z981 ROOT, I came across ZTE ZMAX PRO (Z981) source code. Could this help in rooting the phone?

I have tried several rooting tools, but none worked out.

Is it possible to root the phone from the source code?

Source code download link:

mokee is have root authority management,
setting→developer options→root access→choose “apps and adb”

I don’t have Mokee ROM on my phone.


No idea, what you said.

he said,you don’t have mokee ROM on your phone,then what are you talking about?

Thanks for the translation!
All I am saying is, almost all of the rooting tools are failed. Even Kingoroot couldn’t root the zmax pro.
Is it possible to root the phone manually without using any tool or app?

kingroot for you

maybe you can use the SuperSU, although I don’t know what rom you are using.

Kingoroot failed!

How can I use SuperSU with stock rom?

download supersu(zip),install it by recovery

I have stock ROM on my phone. I did try installing SuperSU, and got an error. “adb sideload failed to verify whole-file signature”

Can someone tell me what tools do I need to root the phone?

Have you unlocked BootLoader and installed the TWRP recovery?

I don’t know how to unlock the bootloader. Can you guide me?

I think this question may you should go to ZTE’s forum to ask, because I don’t have your phone , but there should be a lot of people to using this phone there.
or you can wait for everyone’s help here~ :roll_eyes:

Okay! I will ask at ZTE forum, and also wait here for response.