Redmi 3, root does not work

Root on Night Mokee not work for two months already. How to fix it?

did you use anything like supersu?or can you provide some screenshot?

No, I do not use any like supersu. I choose in the settings of Mokee mode superuser.
In previous versions of Mokee, the superuser mode worked.
Now I have a version dated October 8. The last working version was on October 10.
I tried to get root on new versions of Mokee using supersu or using magisk, but I did not succeed.

The same problem in Chinese 红米3 无法使用root权限

Sorry for my English. I do not speak English

Moved to another ROM. Here probably never will be repaired.


传送门:Lineage SU下载页点击进入 ,红米3的话选择



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