Wifi hotspot tethering in error status on ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini (NX511J)

Chinese (using Google translator)

Wifi Hotstpot tethering无法正常工作(错误状态)



问题很可能是由于RP_FILTER不适用于IPv6(或不在内核中构建)。 从日志文件中:

V NatController:runCmd(/ system / bin / ip6tables -w -t raw -A natctrl_raw_PREROUTING -i wlan0 -m rpfilter --invert!-s fe80 :: / 64 -j DROP)res = 1

E NatController: Error setting forward rules

上面的错误是唯一的iptables / ip6tables命令返回一个非0值作为输出,这似乎导致“错误设置转发规则”消息,并在它禁用接口wlan0后。

不知道解决方案,无论是更新NatController不使用ip6tables或在构建内核时设置标志“CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_RPFILTER = y”。

English bug report:

Bug description:
Wifi Hotstpot tethering not working (Error status)

Affected version:

Steps to replicate:
Tethering & portable hotspot > Enable portable Wi-Fi hotspot > Status is “Error”

Issue is most probably due to a RP_FILTER not working for IPv6 (or not built on the kernel). From the log files:
V NatController: runCmd(/system/bin/ip6tables -w -t raw -A natctrl_raw_PREROUTING -i wlan0 -m rpfilter --invert ! -s fe80::/64 -j DROP) res=1

E NatController: Error setting forward rules
The error above is the only iptables/ip6tables command returning a non 0 value as output, which seems to cause the “Error setting forward rules” message and after it disables the interface wlan0.

Potential solution:
Not sure about the solution, either updating the NatController not to use ip6tables or set the flag “CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_RPFILTER=y” when building the kernel.

I have the same problem, affected firmware is MK71.2-nx511j-201801121348-NIGHTLY.

Please fix this HotSpot bug. The USB tethering is not working as well.

I have the same issue.
Tethering & portable hotspot > Enable portable Wi-Fi hotspot > Status is “Error”
running on MK71.2-nx511j-201802181323-NIGHTLY.
Please fix it.

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