MI NOTe LTE - SELINUX enforcing???, root apps not work properly :((( lagging system on version 2018-01-05 :(((

Bug description:

After latest update to version: MK71.2-virgo-201801052010-NIGHTLY.zip

My phone have veeryy lags and root not working properly.
In settings>>>Information, my SELinux is changed from “permissive” to “enforcing” Why ?

I cannot properly use root apps (like AFWall+, not working rules etc.).

Affected version:


Steps to replicate:

Go to “Settings” >>> "Information:

In all olders versions of MoKee I have SELinux is a “permissive”.
On last version I have “enforcing” Why ?

Many rooted apps not working properly :confused:

Please help.

Best Regards.

Permissive is not safe and enforcing is more secure, there is no relationship with root.
Or you can think of permissive as a bug.

Hello. I not understand You … ?

On all others versions working root normally. On all olders versions i see “permissive”.

On latest version root (or apss with have modify system features) is disabled?
Apps using root, and make system modifications (ex. Rules of iptables), not work properly.

This feature is enabled in MoKee to forever?

Permissive, it means that all kinds of files can be read / write randomly to your system root directory. Not only does it affect the system partition, but also the persist and more partition have been affected.
The kernel of Yesterday’s version was actually based on Cancro redo, So developers are of course enforce SELinux too.

Root authorization should be normal.

It maybe depends on the developer’s mood.

Why root apps like Afwall±(android iptables rules firewall) not work properly after this update? I cannot set firewall to ON. I see the eror: “make iptables rules error”

Why system have more lags after this update? Not smooth.

Seems to be for better power consumption, developers try to make some changes, such as to some extent limit the CPU scheduling.
Maybe it will be better later.

I am not very sure why there is this problem.
This is the developer’s Weibo (similar to Twitter):https://weibo.com/guaiyihu , maybe you can use Weibo to contact him. or you can @her in the forum, Her ID is GuaiYiHu.

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I not understand a Chinesse language. I dont no where I report iptables error.

Thanks for replies.

you are welcome~

maybe you can use the weibo international(Click to enter Play Store) ,this app has a simple translation capabilities(as the picture shows),and the developer understand English,you can speak to him in English。

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