Bluetooth not pairing on my car

Hi guys,

I have installed your latest nightly version from toady e.g.
on my KLTE and on my I9305.everything works fine and stable.

There is only one issue left for me:
I cannot connect via bluetooth to my older Nissan car.
Whenever it trys to pair and the pairing screen appears on my mobile, the connection dropped and my car display is showing an error message.

(Interessting: I can connect to my newer BMW car)

This happens for both - the KLTE and the I9305.

It feels like an old issue described here:

The phone does not connect to cars / bt-headsets using the hands-free profile for calling
Reported as: BUGBASH-308
Devices: Possibly all Devices with WBS=off in combination with bt-device relying on WBS

Hope you can fix it easily.

Many thanks in advance,



really no answer ???

Can somebody please check why my with Moekke cannot connect via Bluetooth car?
Many thanks,


this question should have a developer to answer it,I’d love to help you, but it’s just beyond my ability.