Problem with camera Xiaomi Redmi 4 prime

Good afternoon. I really like Mokee’s firmware on my device. But there is a problem with the camera, the native application after recording video does not play it. Also it is not possible to transfer the video through the messenger whatsapp. The video is transmitted broken and does not play. When updating the standard Google camera from the store, the application does not open and immediately closes with an error. When using a third-party camera, a problem with video recording also occurs. Can you tell me when this bug is fixed? This is the root cause for now while leaving your rom. I want to go back to the mokee.

Google camera can not use in redmi 4.use footej camera or MIUI camera.

If you then send the video from the footej camera to the messenger, there will be a transcoding, for example in whatsapp, and the video will not be played back in the messenger.
So this solution does not solve all the problems.

Hi, friend, have you solved your problem? If there is no solution, please go to the XDA forum.