FM radio don' t work

FM radio don' t work


I like the Mokee ROM, it works great on my ZTE Nubia Z11 mini S. But the FM radio does not work, I’ve been using it since the MK71.2-nx549j-201709231636-NIGHTLY version, I’m currently using the MK71.2- nx549j-201801102004-NIGHTLY and in none of them did the FM radio work. Is it possible to correct?


FM? I haven’t used it for a long time . Waiting the god check it . Yeah


Ok, thank you!


Sometimes the rom has bug .Please Wait for technician to fix it.last time the Bluetooth doesn’t work too .A few days later .it’s ok.


Ok, i’m wait for this! Thank you for return!


My mobile phone is the same as yours.this is so amazing .


Yes, this is an incredible coincidence.