Moto X 2014 Victara 8.1 Oreo

Hello, I’m Michael Keller, I’m one of the administrators of the Telegram group, the Moto X2 - Brasil.
Group link:
We would like to thank you for the compilations made for our incredible gadgets, and of course we look forward to new patches and improvements.

*Navigation bar: Buttons do not change size when changing size settings.

*Mobile Networks: Mobile networks are working, but we can not access mobile network configurations. (When using Pop Kernel Oreo V2.5 fixes the problem).

*NFC: Not working.

*Lock Screen: No screen lock option works, when we try to enter any password on any type of PIN, Default, Password, the phone hangs and restarts, and when the lock screen starts locking, having to reinstall the ROM from from scratch.

*Facial Recognition: Not working.

*Camera: You can take pictures, but it is not to record videos.

*Flashlight: In some cases the flashlight simply does not work, the button on the notification panel is disabled (works only when used on the camera).

*Lawnchair: The application is having problems, when installing the ROM and the GApps properly, and boot the system, the application of the error constantly (stopped working).

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