MI NOTE LTE VIRGO - after any January updates dont have LTE :/

Bug description:

After update 5-january-2018, option LTE is not shown in network settings.
LTE too not work.

Affected version:

All January versions of MoKee (start from 5 january).

Steps to replicate:

Please go to SIM networks config and try select LTE.
Not have a options :frowning: Only 2G and 3G is selectable.

What happened in new Year in Virgo ?

Before 2018, MoKee has very stable and fast. “Is for daily use”.
After 5 January 2018 - is not.

Please restore old kernel…

I can confirm that even the latest 17th Jan 2018 version also lacks that LTE option, but since I didn’t change anything from the beginning, I can still use the LTE feature and the LTE is set as default in that option. So LTE works fine for me if I’m using the mobile data.

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Should be fixed next version.


may this is not the result of updating the kernel

We will be waiting… :slight_smile:
Very Thanks.

I am very pleased that you take care of this model of the phone.
Thanks to you, I will stay with this phone for a longer time :slight_smile:
A big beer for you !!!


Unfortunately, I changed it and I could not restore it again :slight_smile:

maybe yes, maybe not.
These problem still exist from first version on cancro kernel.

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: