MI NOTE LTE VIRGO - after any January updates dont have LTE :/

MI NOTE LTE VIRGO - after any January updates dont have LTE :/


Bug description:

After update 5-january-2018, option LTE is not shown in network settings.
LTE too not work.

Affected version:

All January versions of MoKee (start from 5 january).

Steps to replicate:

Please go to SIM networks config and try select LTE.
Not have a options :frowning: Only 2G and 3G is selectable.

What happened in new Year in Virgo ?

Before 2018, MoKee has very stable and fast. “Is for daily use”.
After 5 January 2018 - is not.

Please restore old kernel…


I can confirm that even the latest 17th Jan 2018 version also lacks that LTE option, but since I didn’t change anything from the beginning, I can still use the LTE feature and the LTE is set as default in that option. So LTE works fine for me if I’m using the mobile data.


Should be fixed next version.


may this is not the result of updating the kernel


We will be waiting… :slight_smile:
Very Thanks.

I am very pleased that you take care of this model of the phone.
Thanks to you, I will stay with this phone for a longer time :slight_smile:
A big beer for you !!!



Unfortunately, I changed it and I could not restore it again :slight_smile:


maybe yes, maybe not.
These problem still exist from first version on cancro kernel.


:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: