Will "Moto X 2014 Victara" be supported?

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That mokee ROM is top all that fórum we know what gives me a cruel doubt is if our Moto X 2014 device will continue to have support from mokee maintainers. I left a ROM with a few bugs and I did not stop using it, I was a fan of “Ressurection Remix” but after I used Mokee I do not leave this ROM anymore, so my concern is that my device will be supported by Mokee.
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I want to ask you a question: can your equipment be used normally? Of course, the code of mokee is automatically constructed. This ROM is characterized by the support of incremental updates.Of course, the equipment is busy, which is maintained by the developer. If the device you use stops updating. This means that the developer has given up the update. Of course, you can also get the source code and build your own ROM.Mokee is open source. If one day, your device stops updating, do you consider buying new equipment?Are you considering buying new equipment? Of course, mokee supports the latest popular models.

I know that with the passage of time new devices are emerging and that the developer stops developing roms.
I’m going to buy new handsets but at the moment I’m with the Moto X 2014 and I believe it’s a not so outdated device so I asked the question.
I also tried to compile the mokee ROM but without success I could not get the tree of my device in git and I could not link.
I believe that we can still have updates of Moto X 2014 by the team Mokee I insist because your ROM is very good.
We have a discussion group about the Moto X 2014 in Telegram if there is interest the address is this: http://t.me/motox2brasil

Red Mi Note3 Pro (kenzo)Devices。In fact, the mobile phone I currently use is made in 2015.Xiaomi technology Co., Ltd.If you can’t find your device code in git.You can try.https://download.lineageos.org/victara ##(Moto X 2014
victara)##Because lineageos is similar to mokee.Or you can contact the website developer directly.Contact information contact method has Facebook Twitter googel +.

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Part of the source code of mokee comes from cm and lineageos.I would like to help you with this problem, but because I do not have very good PC equipment at present.So I can’t build a system of ROM.

First of all thank you for your attention, I will try to understand better the compilation of a kernel I will try to read more about it. I’ll see how to extract the code from my device in Lineage ROM. My computer is also a little obsolete compared to memory I have only 4Gb and needs at least 16Gb that I will provide. I started compiling the ROM Lineage but it stopped at 52% because of memory. Thanks for the tip.
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I suggest you try another type of compiler.Like puppy Linux.Raspbian.Raspberrypi.These are the smaller operating systems that take up memory.It is said that someone has completed the compilation of the system with several raspberrypi.Well, I suggest you try it, too.

Seriously they managed to compile in an incredible “RaspberryPi”.
I’ll see what I can do.
When I can solve the memory problem here, I’m going to get you to help me.
All right?

The PC device doesn’t have enough memory and it’s really hard.Thankfully, my computer is the memory of 8g.