get rid of ifly and change baidu home page

I’m not chinese and ifly is of no use to me. Also I’d like to change baidu home page in browser

Of course, you can do that. You can change the search engine in the settings. You can also brush into the Google store. Download the new browser.

And ifly? Its a system app. Device is rooted. Instructions to uninstall?
There is no settings in browser. Bottom-left button, which usually pop ups settings, does the same as home, minimizes browser just to be finished by sliding horozontally

what is ifly?

Aka iflytek. It seems to be a voice recognition app, completely in chinese. From Mokee sm-g533 kk 4.4.4 custom rom from SandroidTeam (Muhammad Ihsan)

Oops, sm-g355hn

4.4 is deprecated for many years…

There is no other rom for an old SM-G355HN. I’m only asking for reliably eliminating a system app (ifly) and setting another home page in browser. The browser seems to be Infosonics browser modifyed with no pull up settings menu

I’m afraid I can’t help you since I haven’t used MoKee 4.4 before. My first phone flashed MoKee is 6.0.1 :rofl:

I can’t find this phone on, so I think this phone is not officially supported by MoKee. I think your ROM was built by some third party person. I don’t know if the apps you mentioned is from MoKee or added by the person build this ROM.

Right. Its an unofficial build by Mohammed Ihsan. Solved!
pm disable com.iflytek.inputmethod

mount /system rw

mount -o rw,remount -t ext4 /system

rename unwanted package. Better than remove. Who knows…

mv system/app/iFlyIME.apk system/app/iFlyIME.apk.O
mount -o ro,remount -t ext4 /system


Now… The browser without settings…

Just install a latest browser.