Xiaomi MI note LTE (virgo) TWRP error7, for MK81 unoficial ?


I want to update my Mokee71-nightly to Mokee81-unofficial.
If I try to install MK81, I got error on TWRP:

“Error number 7 (this rom is for device virgo, your device is .)”.

Please help me, what can I do to install MK81 on virgo?

Now I have installed this recovery (by NoNameMi):


Installing MK81.0 (and any other Oreo-based ROMs) requires a Oreo-compatible TWRP.

Where is the compatible twrp for virgo?

You should to wipe “system” "data "cache"and dailvk at first…

I cannot upgrade from 71 to 81 ? I must wipe ?

yes,you have to wipe。。。

not work, I have the same error…

How I get a TWRP for MK81 ?

Try accessing twrp official website, If your device open source , may you can find it…

please checking your ROM really belong you, If right, you might need to delete this ROM’s drive verification,but I don’t know how to solve it, I suggest you can search it by Google

I found this recovery from developer androidhost account (GuaiYiHu):

MK81 install sucessfully but NOT WORKING “full wipe” from android oreo MENU.

If I Reset the phone (wipe data) from android 8.1 menu, my phone go to reboot and wipe script not started on TWRP.

After this I cannot boot system. My phone have a bootlop to Recovery.

I must reflash recovery to old version, then wipe script start.

This recovery is supported Oreo, but is corrupted (wipe script not works).

Maybe Your ROM have problem, you can flash other 8.0rom, If still have the same problem, That is really can not be used

1、You have to download the new recovery file and install it。hear::https://pan.baidu.com/s/1pKIROnx#list/path=%2F

2,、Reset the phone and then Xiaomi note LTE goto TWRP 3.2.1,wipe DATA,input “”yes“”。
3、now all you old data was went,open MTP with TWRP,copy the new rom MK81 into the phone with computer。
4,、install ROM MK81,and restart the phone into system。waiting~~~OK, susseed。

I had install the MK81.0 succeed into XIAOMI note LTE this afternoon。
PS:The CHinese‘s English,Sorry。

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not work too…
Reset phone from the ANDROID MENU not work.

If I try “Reset the phone to factory defaults”, phone restart to TWRP and wipe script not start.

IF I download my old TWRP, after restart script is started.

I tested this on MK81 and LineageOS based on oreo.

Steps to reproduce this bug:

  1. Install twrp from XRK2018 link (3.2.1-0).
  2. Full wipe all (system, dalvik, cache, data)
  3. Install MK81 and run the system.
  4. In system MK81 menu please “reset to factory defaults”.
  5. Phone is reset to TWRP, and stop. Not wiping.
  6. Go to fastboot and install the old TWRP from me link (NoNameMi TWRP 3.1.1-0).
  7. Reboot phone to TWRP. Wipe script is now started.

Why wipe script not start on TWRP 3.2.1-0 after “reset to factory default” ???