I gave 10$ but still have ads

I have nubia z17 with last nightly mokee.
I wanted no more ads and incremental update.
So, i gave 10$ but still have ads (lot more than before) and incremental update are always hidden by ads si very hard to download.
Any suggestion?

where’s the ads, can you please give a screenshot?

It is very annoying because it is mainly in full screen.
But lot of time it is also a headband.
I uploaded a screenshot (limited to one). I will try to UL the other one in another message.

Best regards

The second one in full screen. And this one is so anoying, it block me the right to click on the download feature for the incremental option.

But appart from that, this ROM is amazing, it saved my phone from rubbishing (or grom donation to my children ^^). This is the reason I make 2 donations. You owe it and I like to reward good job.
Thank you

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It’s Chinese’s Newyear,I’m sorry to noone replay you.

I understand that. This is absolutely not a problem.
I hope all of you happy new year!
I will wait for my problem, no worry.
Thank you.

you need to gave more than 68 CNY,over it and the ads will disappear.

Ok. I made 10 more then 70 in all.
It works.
Sorry, I certainly not read carefully the description as it was surely written.
This issue is closed.
Thank you very much.