MI NOTE virgo MK71 - from ~13 February is more unstable :/

Bug description:
Unstable MoKee from February ~13, 2018, for MI NOTE LTE virgo.

Affected version:
All newest versions from February ~13

Steps to replicate:

Replicate is impossible, because bugs is randomly.

For the last few updates, something strange is happening with the phone.

  • randomly it loses the sound (you do not hear it ringing),
  • randomly loses the sound of connecting to the charger,
  • sometimes does not display notifications, e.g. missed calls,
  • when someone calls me, there is no dialer screen, only the lock screen (incoming call is minimized on the status bar). I need to unlock the phone to answer the call.
  • sometimes google apps is crash (googleplay services, face detection etc.)

This is from around February ~13.

I using phone daily, and only install new updates. Nothing changes in settings.
After newest updates phone is more unstable, I dont’t no, why :confused:

I do not remember exactly when it began. But the versions from the end of January and the beginning of February did not cause such problems.
I had the version for February 2, all the time and it worked well. I updated my phone on February 13 and problems began
Currently, I have the version from February 15 and problems still occur.

From ~February 13, I must often times restart the phone, because is unstable.

sometimes, not always - I cannot connect to mobile data LTE,3G,GPRS etc.

I using Wifi connection and turned off data connection.
If I switch mobile data to “ON” and next switch WiFi to “OFF”.
My phone not connect to mobile data, not have internet connection.
I must restart the phone, to resolve problem. After restart phone, mobile data is conencting and working normally.

If I first Wifi switch to “OFF” and next switch mobile data to “ON” - not have this problem, and work is normal.
Why is it not indifferent?

I have installed newest version from 18 February.
I delete dalvik and cache, and run (from twrp) fix and repair filesystem on data and system partition.

Phone is working ok from this date.

After update to 23 February, phone is still ok.

Maybe file system is corrupt earlier.