Lenovo x3 crashes

Hallo. First of all i would say that I’m using Mokee for few days and I like it. I understand that it is nightly build and it is normal when it lags. But I found a big problem that make it really difficult to use. I’ve tried to find solution for it but I couldn’t. All what I found is that people mention it on xda forum in 2017.
Case: I couldn’t find reason for crash but it happens in a day about 4-6 times. For example yesterday I was talking on skype and it got crashed in the middle of dialogue. Today after one more crash I rebooted the phone, laid on a table for 40 minutes and it was crashed again. I wasn’t doing anything.
My phone is Lenovo x3c70, bought on Aliexpress, before mokee was using raw ROM s217 x3a40.
Hope smb will help me.
Sorry for bad English=)

I’ve figured out how to fix it. Just don’t install gapps after flashing ROM.