Zte z17 lite clone zte z17 Mimi. Please port rom!!!

it should be easy

We have twrp and kernal source on GitHub


We have not smoothly stok rom. We need your rom. plz.

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Please make port of MoKee on this phone.

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please, desperately needed

Please support Z17 Lite NX591J
Thank you :pray:

as far as I know, Nubia’s open source code is very unfriendly and there are many problems, so that many maintenance personnel are afraid to adapt Nubia equipment.

I try to translate this text :

We already have first linage os build. We need other rom because stock is stupid in use

Lineage is far from usable rom. I had z17 mini and now I am on lite, stock rom is really useless, but I think it shouldnt be complicated to port it from mini on lite, needs drivers and cpu governor. I really hope they will make mokee rom for lite.