MK81, totally crash my mi note virgo :(:(:(

Bug description:

After update to:
totally crash all Google apps, cannot run phone.

Affected version:

Steps to replicate:

Update MK71 to MK81 :frowning:

I must wipe system. and reinstal this and gapps.

System is running but not work:

-Camera (recording videos, FC crash this app),
-smart lock > face unlock totally not working (FC always crash if try to run),

ehh…please fix this bugs…phone is very unstable, not for daily use.

After this. Sytem still VERY UNSTABLE…not work, camera, google apps, smart lock :frowning: ehhh

This must clear the data。
The private ROM development group is the ROM developed in the spare time, which is not as good as the official regular army, and can not achieve nondestructive upgrade。

you can use third party camera,many third party cameras can work properly。
Most of MoKee ROM’s system camera are camera2(AOSP Camera) or Snap Camera,them all have this problem,this is the common failing of MSM8974 and some old processors。

The bug of the 32 bit GApps,my 32 bit devices all have this problem。

hope Virgo will get better and better。

Please contact maintainer @GuaiYiHu

Kill the fucking gapps, and then it can be used normally. I don’t think a ROM that I have been used for about 5 months have such problem.
Well, and you shouldn’t set lockscreen password as it is something not merged in the main code. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for replies.

I dont understand, what kill gapps?
I tried full wipe all, and clean install all. System and gapps.

After clean install, faceunlock and camera not work properly…

MK71 is better stable than MK81. Do You plann to release a stable version of MK71 ?

Is MK71 updates completly terminated, and discontinued?
Will Virgo receive only MK81 updates from now on?

MK71.2 has been turned to a weekly build.
People in China know why I bring the MK81.0 to nightly build so early.
As I am preparing for Postgraduate entrance examination, I don’t have time for building that on my computer. So changes made by myself on the main code are still being reviewing, for fixing camera hdr, for fixing lockscreen password, and for other bugs and new features. So those bugs should be fixed in the future when those changes were merged to the main code.

For face unlock, I don’t want to hack my device tree for fixing that, just find a gapps which was hacked for face unlock then.
For the stability, quite stable if you do not care about hdr, video recording (which can be fixed which the third-part camera) and face unlock.
For other bugs and features, just keep on waiting.
For MK71.2, the weekly build version will be back in a week.

Very Thanks GuaiYiHu for explaining.

If MK71 is live and will be receive newest updates, I still on it.

I really care about stability. MK71 is beautiful and best rom for Virgo.

I wish you successful exams !!!

Best Regards.

I have one more question and I give you peace of mind :slight_smile:

How set the mokee center to not show the MK81 updates?
How set to show only these weekly MK71?

i’m using MK81 right now, and i have issue on video recording, are you guys any suggestions for 3rd party app for camera/video recording ??

this is the common failing of MSM8974 and some old processors。

As shown in the picture