Sony Xperia SP

Sony Xperia SP


I installed version Mk71.2-Huashan-201709110743-nightly. zip on my Xperia sp, and whenever I turn my headset on the handset when the screen turns off the music to play, bug

Report Format mandatory: Description Bug: When I turn on the headset and start listening to a music, if the screen turns off the music to play affected version: Mk 44.2-Huashan-201709110743-nightly. Zip steps to replicate: I don’t have the solution


English and keep ‘Mandatory report format’ please.

When posting a bug report, please mention the steps to replicate and affected version. Reports with screenshots, screen recordings or logcats will potentially be resolved faster.

Mandatory report format:
Bug description:
Affected version:
Steps to replicate:

If you do not follow the format above when posting a bug report, it will delete or automatically be ignored. Without sufficient information, it is impossible for us to debug. Most probably the issue could be caused by your own inappropiate usage.


Okay, I understand