Problem yo flash MK 81.0

Problem yo flash MK 81.0


hello i can not do flash MK81.0 on my zuk z2 pro. i used twrp and it launches but hangs on error 7 can you help? thank you


You have to use TWRP


Can somebody help me, after flashing 8.1 with twrp my phone just looping with the mokee loading screen. I don´t want to loose my data, thats why I tried to install the new firmware over the old one(7.1).
Is there a update possible from 7.1 to 8.1 what have I to do as additional steps after installing the new 8.1 firmware?


hello i had no problem for the flash mokee 8.1 with twrp but i already had a liver the same problem with the old version. i just force the restart with the start button. and it worked. cordially