Xposed removal

Hi can someone he help I am using addison moto z play nightly mokee rom which I really like but I would like to remove built in xposed before I flash the rom. Can someone explain how I can remove xposed from the zip file before flashing the Rom.

You can try disabling it so that it will not appear after the system update.
step 1:open Xposed installer App, make sure Xposed is OFF,it is closed by default, so the Xposed component will not load.
step 2:long touch Xposed installer icon→App info→Disable

the good thing is that it’s not like simply deleting the app, it’s back after the full update.

You can go to settings-developer options-turn on root access,then install an uninstall bulit in softwera to uninstall Xposed.

mount system folder in twrp once ROM installed, open file manager in twrp, find system/pri-app, scroll to last one xpinstaller, delete the folder.


反正我是这样做的 也没出现过问题。
我们不是学英文的 单词拼错有问题吗 只要看得明白

这位外国大兄弟要 remove xposed framework ,你用不正确的英语告诉他删除 xposed 安装器,这显然是错误的。魔趣 71.2 的 xposed 框架是在编译时加入,你可以这样理解:把一杯酒精倒进一个水箱里,酒精与水可以按照任意比例互溶,现在已经溶到了一起,可你只是把水箱上的水龙头拆掉了,你认为这可行吗?



我认为你应该理解一下什么叫做 “build in xposed” 。

他要移除编译进去的 xposed ,你认为他是指框架还是安装器呢? xposed framework or xposed installer?

For complete remove xposed ( work for me )
*This guide you should do before flash rom if you already boot this rom it’s not working

  • edit mokee zip rom delete xposedinstaller in /system/app
    -download xposed uninstaller sdk25 zip from official xposed
    -flash mokee rom,gapps then flash uninstallxposed zip

For who want to use Magisk
Just flash unsu add-on 14.1 from Official LOS after flash rom and then flash Magisk

It’s just remove apk not framework
It’s useless method xposed or root you need to also delete framework file