MK71.2-nx505j-201803171314-NIGHTLY Proximity sensor does not work!!!

Bug description: Proximity sensor does not work! When the incoming call arrives, the screen does not go off. Options do not work that allow you to turn on the screen when you swipe your palm or if you get the device out of your pocket. If you put any third-party application, then the proximity sensor will work!
Affected version: Download
Steps to replicate: Open the “Phone” application - dial any number - lean the device to your ear or cover the proximity sensor with your palm.

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錯誤描述:接近傳感器不工作! 當來電到來時,屏幕不會熄滅。 選項不起作用,當您滑動手掌或將設備從口袋中取出時,您可以打開屏幕。 如果您放置任何第三方應用程序,則接近傳感器將工作!
複製步驟:打開“電話”應用程序 - 撥打任何號碼 - 將設備傾斜到您的耳朵或用手掌蓋住接近傳感器。

Thanks! I really look forward to your help!!!

I hate Nubia, especially NX531J.

Very sorry to hear it.
Proximity sensor does not work only MK71.2. MK61.0 works well