Cannot download Nightly Builds Honor 5x KIW

My Honor 5X isn’t seeing the nightly builds when checking through Mokee centre.
There is a least 3 later builds showing on the website but Mokee centre id saying “no updates found”

On build MK71.2-kiwi-201803150230-NIGHTLY

Download the full package from website or Mokee centre is ok.
No OTA from 0315 to 0318

Hi Downloaded MK71.2-kiwi-201803211049-NIGHTLY as advised. today checked web an new update available but Mokee centre says no new updates found. is this still a problem with OTA.

Downloading from the web is restricted speed and takes for ever , however using mokee centre is quick because i’ve donated

You’d better take a picture of Mokee centre and show it to me.

Screenshots as requested

Open it

Sorry Confused Open what! if you mean incremental builds , that’s the same no updates found.
I have had this working before , so not sure why it’s stopped working


Anything further on this, It’s a pain to keep having to download from the website with the capped speed, and I donated to get rid of that restriction…

I have met the same problem and reported it in Chinese. But no one has replied. Though there’s no major update, I still want to get the latest version. I’ve donated. It’s a big trouble for me to download on the website with restricted speed. It will take me 30 minutes to do so instead of 1 min in mokee center.

Yes I know what you mean. it’s a complete pain to download from the website, bit disappointing really

Glad to tell you that it works again.

Yes Checked it and it appears to be working again. Thanks guys for fixing it.