MK81 mi note virgo, not have a root. And have lags after clicks. Hotspot 5Ghz.

Please check. MK81 (all nightly versions) for virgo not have a root settings for apps in dev settings menu.
Only available a “only ADB” root. Why?

Second problem have lags (delays) after click in android menus, icons, buttons, apps etc.
Very scroll lag in SMS app.

Third. I cannot set 5Ghz wifi hotspot. I have only 2.4Ghz.

Please answer.

MK81 is very better now.

Face unlock work very nice.
Camera works not crash.

Very thanks for this fix :slight_smile:
and best regards

Flash magisk yourself.

  1. root has been removed
  2. get a new phone

Why You remove root ? Maybe You plann to restore this in the future? It was very good function.

I found next problem with original Xiaomi charger.
My phone is slowly charge battery on MK81. (on MK71 is working ok and fast charge).
System says: “fast charging mode on”, but charging is slower than MK71.

On old MK71 after 1h charging, I had +30-40% of battery.
On MK81 after 1h charging, I had +5-10% of battery.

Sorry, my fail with lags:
After 24h from first install of MK81, not have a lags in menus.
Lags is still only on SMS app.

Don’t worry, don’t be angry.
Generally MK81 for Virgo, is Very Good Work.

If You will be supporting this phone - then for sure - I do not see a need to get a new :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Best "Regards.

Will never restore in the future. Magisk is much more better than the old supersu function. That’s the reason.

Thx for reply.

I have request for You.
Can You explain me, where is magisk for MK81 on mi note ?

If I install magisk, and next in teh future install new updates of MK81. I must install magisk again ?

Go to the “Extras” section in Official mokee download site, download the magisk zip and flash it in the custom recovery you used to flash roms, magisk contains more functions than supersu. You just need to flash it once, receiving ota update won’t erase magisk, no worries bro.

Thanks ! :slight_smile: